Thursday, May 28, 2009


this will welcome you when you enter the temple...and this reminds me of an old friend!..
guess hu?!..haha

lovely sight!..

jecs is so happy because of the shinny floors!..he cant get enuf of it!..haha

the tourist shot!!!
me,jecs,tita joyce and her daughter...

we are just clueless as alicia..whenever mannong tour guide are talking!!..


feel ko! like swaying to my fan's down to the tarmac!

ginormic budha!..

julio't julia welcoming us!


Another divine place....

kalembang everywhere!....

top view..

we cut across this monk..these monk's in thailand dont want to be touch because they consider them holy and divine..."holistic approach kaya?!?.."lol..


our tour guide is so funny...i can't conceive what he was saying!..

we're like sistahs here...we 're 



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