Sunday, May 31, 2009


floating market...
this is located outside bangkok..
it's the first stop out of four spot on this whole day tour..
this is the market strip..where the locals showcases their products to the tourists..
i really love the mix of colors and hues...

tourist delight..

round fruits, in different textures..i love'et

i love this hats..

hats, hats, hats,...

Werq those hats sistahs..

i love these tindera's..

it is so inspiring..

pretty tindera is so usual chiu isdatchu?

coolest tindero!...

native house's surrounds the whole strecth of the canal..

me and jecs..
eye candy for my girls..jay manalo isdatchu?!?....

photography: locco & jecs
slyle & edit: locco

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